Each of our award-winning seminars are available as onsite for groups of six or more or as virtual blended learning sessions (Except Needs Assessment). Taught by Dr. Clark and a staff of experienced instructional design professionals, they are hands-on and designed to give you skills you can immediately employ on the job to enhance your training and performance improvement programs.


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Needs Assessment for Performance Technologists:
Tools & Techniques (NA)

A three-day seminar that focuses your efforts on improving human performance in your organization. Learn the models and techniques you need to define interventions including training that will have bottom line impact on your organization.

Price: $16,950

NEW in 2012 Evidence-based Training Methods

With a 170 Billion dollar annual investment, training professionals must consider proven instructional methods as they design, develop, and facilitate training.  On sites can be in 4 two hour virtual classroom sessions OR 2 day leader-led workshop.

Price: $14,950

NEW in 2012! Designing Scenario-based Lessons

In this 4 session virtual workshop or two day instructor-led, you will learn the features, evidence, and benefits of problem-based learning training designs.  Using your own content, you will design a digital scenario-based lesson for use in classroom or e-learning.   Contact us for more information.

Price: $14,950

How to Plan, Develop, and Evaluate Training (PDET)

Our award-winning four-day seminar for new training developers that integrates the research of Drs. David Merrill and Robert Horn to provide you a systems approach to instructional design and training development. You will develop your own lesson during the class. Onsite sessions.  For individuals or small groups, see virtual blended learning alternative below.

Price: $19,950

CLARK Online: How to Plan, Develop, and Evaluate
Training – Self-paced Blended Class

Under the guidance of a certified mentor, work at your own pace in the comfort of your home or office to learn and apply research-based ISD methodology. Perfect for individuals, small, or global teams that cannot schedule an onsite session.

Price: $1895

How to Plan, Design, and Evaluate e-Learning

e-learning is rapidly supplementing traditional, instructor-led training. This fast-paced, 4-day comprehensive course builds the skills you need to effectively design asynchronous e-learning programs. Onsite sessions only.

Price: $19,950

NEW 2012: e-Learning and the Science of Instruction

Based on Dr. Clark’s 2011 edition of her best selling book coauthored with Dr. Richard Mayer, learn and apply what research tells us about best ways to use visuals, text, and audio in e-learning.  Also includes evidence-based guidelines on how to create effective examples, practice exercises, and collaborative online learning events.  Onsites are 2-day instructor-led or virtual sessions can be scheduled..

Price: $14,950

Leveraging the Virtual Classroom
How to Plan, Develop, and Facilitate Effective Synchronous e-Learning

Based on the book, The New Virtual Classroom by Dr. Ruth Clark and Dr. Ann Kwinn, this 2 day hands-on project-based workshop shows you how to apply research-based guidelines to create and deploy effective virtual classroom sessions.  Also available in four 2.5 hour virtual sessions.

Price: $14,950 for up to 16 participants.

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