Instructional Systems Design

How can you build performance technology and instructional
design competencies in your organization?

In the United States, approximately 150 billion dollars are invested in organizational training yearly! And the vast majority of that investment goes to the salaries of the training staff that design, deliver, and administer internal training. Certification is one way to ensure that the training staff investment pays off. Certification in Instructional Systems Design ensures a common and comprehensive set of skills and language shared within a training staff.

The CLARK ISD Certification program requires each participant to demonstrate competency by completing a work-related product aligned to three core skill areas: human performance technology, instructional design of classroom learning materials, and application of evidence-based training methods. . 

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Skills Demonstrated in the Program

Human Performance Technology
• How to define organizational operational goals and metrics associated with an opportunity or a problem
• How to evaluate business processes and performers to identify performance barriers and solutions
• How to plan and organize a performance and training needs assessment
• How to interview management, workers, and customers individually and in groups
• How to identify performance gaps by evaluating work products and procedures
• How to design surveys
• How to write a needs assessment report

Instructional Design
• How to conduct a job and task analysis
• How to organize course and lesson content
• How to write learning objectives
• How to design effective practice exercises
• How to develop classroom training materials
• How to evaluate the outcomes of the training

Evidence-based Training
• How to accommodate working memory and long-term memory in training materials
• How to apply evidence on use of text, visuals, audio, examples, practice and more
• How to design three different training architectures: receptive, directive, and guided discovery,

Benefits of Certification
• Consistency in your organization's approach to course design and development
• A common language for all course designers
• Credentials for individual course designers
• A portfolio of your ISD products
• Demonstrated transfer of new ISD skills to the job"

How the program works
During the program, you will take three hands-on courses:
• Needs Assessment for Performance Technologists: Tools and Techniques,
• How to Plan, Develop, and Evaluate Training (classroom or online blended)
• Building Expertise: How to apply learning psychology to instructional design (virtual)

During each course, you will start a project that will be continued and then completed at your worksite. After each course you will apply your new skills at your work site to complete projects that demonstrate your competencies.

Project Summaries

Human Performance Technology and Needs Assessment
Your first project is the most extensive of the program. You will complete a performance assessment in which you apply at least three of five techniques to gather both objective and subjective data addressing an opportunity or problem within a line organization. Your project deliverables include:
• A performance assessment report that includes an evaluation plan
• Documents that summarize the data you collected as part of your performance assessment and your training needs assessment

Instructional Design
For your second project, you will plan design and develop a lesson related to your needs assessment. You will submit a job and task analysis and a lesson handout that includes the following:
• Use level learning objectives
• Content developed in structured writing format
• Use level practice exercises
• A valid quiz

Evidence-based Training
Your final project will demonstrate your competency in evidence-based training by evaluating your second project lesson for effective application of evidence regarding text, audio, graphics, examples and practice. You will also:
• Create an effective visual to support your content
• Create a worked example with a self-explanation questio
• Consider where you could use a scenario-based e-learning program

Onsites for up to 16 students are priced at $69,950

These worksheets are to be used during the certification process. Download them and follow the instructions on each.

• Explanation of certification projects: Certification Project Overview
• Read before taking Needs Assessment: Needs Assessment Prework
• Read after taking Needs Assessment: Needs Assessment Project Guidance
• Read after taking PDET: PDET Project Guidance
• Read after completing Evidence-based Training: EBT Project Assignment

This is an example of a well-done Needs Assessment completed for the certification program.

This is an example of a well-done PDET Project.


"I now see a clearer picture of what I need to focus my efforts on"

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