Looking for a performance-based certification program
by an industry-recognized expert?

CLARK Training offers a comprehensive certification program: Instructional Systems Design (ISD). The certification requires completion of 3 classes and work-related projects to demonstrate competency in needs assessment, lesson design/development and evidence-based training. Available only as an on-site curriculum.

The certification starts with our Needs Assessment for Performance Technology class and is followed by How to Plan, Develop, and Evaluate Training and Evidence-based Training classes.  Overall the program typically requires 4-5 months to complete to allow time for between class work projects. Projects include: 1) Completing a needs assessment 2) Developing a job and task analysis and student handout for a classroom lesson, evaluating instructional materials for use of evidence-based training methods.   Each project is reviewed and detailed feedback given by the program mentor.

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"I now see a clearer picture of what I need to focus my efforts on"

Jerry Hovis
Rockwell Collins