Onsite Seminars

CLARK Training & Consulting offers all of our seminars onsite to organizations with 6 to 20 staff to train together. The benefits of onsite seminars include:

The following workshops are available for onsite delivery:

NEW How to Leverage the Virtual Classroom

Available online via synchronous e-learning or 2 day ILT formats. This new workshop provides the tools you need to leverage the features of the virtual classroom in ways proven to lead to learning.

NEW Efficiency in Learning 2 Day Workshop

Based on Dr. Clark’s new book written with Frank Nguyen and John Sweller, you will learn proven techniques that lead to faster learning, better learning or both. Based on research on cognitive load theory, the guidelines you learn in this class apply to design, development, or delivery of classroom training and e-learning in synchronous and asynchronous forms

Needs Assessment for Performance Technologists:
Tools & Techniques (NA)

A three-day seminar that focuses your efforts on improving human performance in your organization. Learn the models and techniques you need to define interventions including training that will have bottom-line impact on your organization.

How to Plan, Develop, and Evaluate Training (PDET)

An award-winning four-day seminar for new training developers that integrates the research of Drs. David Merrill and Robert Horn to provide you a systems approach to instructional design and training development. You will develop your own lesson during the class.

How to Plan, Design, and Evaluate e-Learning

E-learning is rapidly replacing traditional, instructor-led training. This fast-paced, 4 or 5 day comprehensive course builds the skills you need to effectively design asynchronous e-learning programs.

Building Expertise: How to Apply Learning Psychology
to Instructional Design (BEX)

How do adults learn and how should your instruction harness human cognitive processes? This two-day workshop summarizes the most recent psychological research applied to design and development of training for classroom or multimedia delivery.

e-Learning and the Science of Instruction (SOI)

Based on Dr. Ruth's latest book coauthored with internationally known psychologist Dr. Richard Mayer, this interactive workshop is perfect for consumers and designers of e-learning interested in research-validated features of effective e-learning.

Graphics for Learning:
How to Plan and Select Visuals that Teach

Based on the new book by Dr. Ruth Clark and Chopeta Lyons, this hands-on case-based workshop shows you how to apply research-based guidelines and a graphic design model to visualize training content delivered in workbooks, e-learning or slides.

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"I now see a clearer picture of what I need to focus my efforts on"

Jerry Hovis
Rockwell Collins