Designing Scenario-based

2 Day Course

Why take this course

Also called Problem-based learning or Goal-based scenarios, job-specific guided discovery learning environments are the biggest change in instructional design in the last 20 years! 

Re-energize your training with lessons that replace traditional "show and do" courseware with job-specific problem-centered designs proven to accelerate expertise.  Bring your own content and leave with a lesson design.

You will learn how to

Who should attend


What to bring

You can work on your own content during this class.  Bring reference materials on any tasks that require problem solving or critical thinking skills such as troubleshooting, diagnosis, sales, etc.


Pricing: $14,950 for up to 16 participants * For public sessions check with ASTD Essentials Series

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"I now see a clearer picture of what I need to focus my efforts on"

Jerry Hovis
Rockwell Collins