Customized Seminars

To extend the value of our award-winning seminars, we can tailor our courses to your specific instructional design environment. Since all our instructors are experienced designers, we can work with you to assess your needs and environment, develop and deliver a customized seminar that incorporates your own examples, and follow up with post-seminar consulting if desired. CLARK Training & Consulting has experience in tailoring all our seminars to your environment in order to maximize relevance and transfer of learning.

Option 1:

Tailoring via Electronic Needs Assessment and Follow Up

We will send you a structured questionnaire to complete and return to your instructor/coach along with examples of current courseware products you have in progress. The instructor will have a telephone discussion with you and will create a tailored course handout that includes your examples and content. After the seminar, you can send follow-up products to the instructor for telephone evaluation and discussion.

Option 2:

Tailoring via Onsite Needs Assessment and Follow Up

For more extensive tailoring, our instructor will visit your site for one or two days conducting interviews and observing your courseware products and design / production processes. As in Option 1, the seminar will include tailored course handouts which will include your examples and content. After the seminar is over, the instructor will be available to return to meet with groups and review work in progress.

Option 3:

Extended Onsite Programs

Following a needs assessment (either electronic or onsite), we will tailor the seminar by adding days and/or by delivering the seminar in phases (e.g., design phase to be followed by development). When faced with a pressing courseware development deadline, clients have found this a useful way to build courseware during the seminar so that pilot course drafts are an outcome of the program. CLARK Training & Consulting has successfully tailored our PDET and CBT seminars to accommodate specific client needs.


"I now see a clearer picture of what I need to focus my efforts on"

Jerry Hovis
Rockwell Collins